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Australian Families for Children Inc. (AFC) is a not- for-profit incorporated association (registration no. INC9874456 ) founded in 1980 to facilitate intercountry adoption.

More than 400 children from Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru and India have been adopted into Australian families, due to AFC’s help.

AFC is committed to helping children who are orphaned, abandoned and /or destitute without a possibility of family life in their country of birth. Our commitment is to creating a permanent home with a family in Australia for those children.


As long as there are children from overseas countries needing adoption, eligible and suitable parents from Australia will be given every opportunity and support to adopt such children.




To provide a high quality adoption service to families in Australia wishing to adopt children from overseas countries in need of overseas adoptive families.

AFC has a strong history dedicated to finding permanent families in Australia for overseas children. The children we liaise for have no possibility of family life in their country of birth.

For over twenty five years we have worked to further acceptance and understanding of intercountry adoption in Australia, seeking good working relationships with the authorities of the countries involved.

We welcome the introduction of Hague Convention 33 “Convention On Protection Of Children And Co-Operation In Respect Of Intercountry Adoption”. This international treaty has highlighted the importance of recognizing the needs of the children and providing services and laws suited to their protection and well-being.

AFC spends much time advising families, working with like-minded organisations and liaising with authorities to advocate for better processes in Australia.

AFC services include assisting successful applicants prepare for the overseas journey, connecting families to a support network, and developing post-placement professional services.

Intercountry adoption is a new way of life for all family members, especially the child. At AFC we are very concerned that each child has a positive adoption experience. We continue to develop support programs focused on intercountry and transracial adoption issues.

We are very proud of our 30+ year history, and have even bigger plans for the future.

AFC is an Incorporated Association approved as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR), a Tax Exempt Organisation., with an Authority to Fundraise (valid to 6Jun2018), Donations to AFC are tax deductible.