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Intercountry Adoption Network - Number 1 source of adoption information in Australia
(Australian Site with lots of useful info)

Australians Caring For Children
(Australian Site)

Teenz Connection (AFC progam)

Camp Connection (AFC progam)

NSW - Community Services

Australian and other adoption statistics

Australian and other egroups

Australian Central Authorities

Australian Support Organisations

Useful Adoption Links

Australian Adoption Legislation

International Conventions relating to Adoption

Adult adoptee

Jessenia Arias - Am I the only adoptee that believes in adoption?

Christine Brewer - Words of wisdom from an adoptee

10 things people say that drive adoptees crazy


Inquiry into adoption of children from overseas

Download report here

From the AGs website

Home page

Country Programs

Australia's intercountry adoption system

Other Adoption related

PACT resource library (USA)

The Donaldson Adoption Institute  (USA)

Joint Council on International Children's Services (USA)

Post adoption resource centre (Australian Site)

Attachment Disorder Support Group (USA)

Language development in internationally adopted kids (USA)

Attachment Disorder (USA)

Attachment and Bondi Centre of Ohio (USA)

Bryan Post Institute (attachment disorder) (USA)

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