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Choosing to adopt is usually a complicated, confusing and daunting process. The final decision to proceed, to select a sending country, and to gain useful information about orphanages and the number of children available at any particular time requires very specialised and up to date knowledge. Our experience of adoption was fraught with frustration at many stages, and we are so pleased to have chosen AFC as our support group, and the orphanages they support in Colombia, South America. At every stage of the process we were given expert advice, the encouragement to fight on, backed by the reassurance that so very many families had been successful, despite bureaucratic interference, in bringing home their precious gifts of babies and children. We are so thankful to be counted amongst the many very happy families AFC have assisted and supported, and to have this opportunity to support AFC and recommend this organisation.

Lynne and Ray

We found overseas adoption initially to be confusing and frustrating. The procedure was necessary, but confronting and intimidating. We were not sure what we were getting into and what we were to do. Upon joining AFC. we gained much peace of mind through the fact that we were being kept 'up to date' with procedures and what was going on in our donor country as well as here in Australia. We met many other people going through the same thing at the same time and even when we were in our country of choice we felt that there was someone there to supervise if any small problems arose. I feel it is essential for all people who are considering adoption to join a support group for their own peace of mind. It has worked for us and we are now undergoing our third adoption through AFC. Believe me, if it hadn't worked we would not be going back for more!

Bev and Ashley

For us AFC took alot of the worrying away from us, supported us more then we expected and made sure we understood each step of the adoption process. It made it that much easier knowing we had AFC on our side. Today we are the proud parents of our baby boy, Enrico. Before AFC our dreams of a family were looking very dim. Thank you AFC.

We thank you.

Martin & Annette

I joined AFC 12 years ago when I realised adoption in NSW had become complicated by global and esoteric issues. My goal is to help open up channels to assist the building of good families. The only compassionate response to seeing so many children languishing orphanages is to look for solutions for these children, some of whom can be drawn into our homes and lives. The task is too great to contemplate alone, however the one person we love is the beginning of a larger solution. There is a great need for folk willing to advocate for these voiceless children. Joining AFC is one way you can influence change and improvements.


Our Families

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