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Camp Connection

Camp Connection is an annual weekend camp that provides a context where meaningful connections are nurtured among those who share the experience of intercountry adoption.  (download registration form)

The camp provide a supportive and accepting place where those who may feel isolated from the intercountry adoption community can establish and rekindle friendships, seek support and develop networks that are empowering and that provide a foundation for ongoing connections beyond the camp.

The weekend includes a balance of organised recreational activities that are designed to be fun, and that include opportunities to celebrate the diverse cultures represented at the camp.  The weekend also provides formal and informal opportunities for parents interested in sharing their knowledge and resources and learning from others about ways to continue to become more effective parents.  Ample time is set aside for informal social contact, where existing connections can be continued and strengthened and new ones established. 

A team of trained and skilled volunteer adults, many of whom have experienced intercountry adoption, act as 'buddies' for the children attending the camp.

Buddies are responsible for leading selected activities, supervising children, acting as role models and mentors, and actively seek to support a spirit of acceptance and trust at the camp. The buddies are also an invaluable resource for all who attend the camp.

Past Camps have been sponsored by:

Resi Mortgage, the NSW Department of Community Services, Macquarie Foundation. 
We thank our sponsors for their generosity that has enabled us to run the Camp.

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Camp Connection