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Permanent families for abandoned children

Have you considered being family to an orphaned, abandoned or destitute child? Children left in orphanages grow up without essential personal attention. These children miss out in many things every child should have. Unloved kids don’t develop soundly. They miss out on social acceptance, respect, education and adequate health care. The institution is all they know. They have a poor life expectancy.
  • Not every child has a loving family
  • Not every child is prepared for life by parents
  • Not every child gets the individual attention they need
  • Not every child has their talents explored
  • Not every child is taught how to discover and enjoy life
  • Not every child learns how to develop into mature adults
  • Not every child is allowed to enjoy the culture of their own country

Adopted children get

  • Afamily to love and be loved by
  • Afuture to look forward to
  • Apast to explore and embrace
  • A culture instead of an institution
  • Essential health care
  • An education
  • A place in society
  • You
Why do people adopt?
  • They want to build a family
  • They have a strong urge to nurture
  • They want to offer a home to an alone child
  • They want to see a healing take place
  • They want to love and be loved when they are old
  • They want to discover the joys and challenges of being a parent
Adopting alone children
  • Changes the face of your extended family
  • Changes your world view
  • Means you need to be resourceful
  • Requires an outstanding parenting commitment
  • Demands strong problem solving skills
  • Develops unconditional love
  • Enriches many lives

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